About Di Clements

Melbourne copywriter, Di Clements, has a new take on an old saying.

“It’s said that a picture is worth a thousand words. I say that a few well-chosen words can paint a picture that touches hearts and emotions”, says Di.

The Bee Gees
got it right

“It’s only words and words are all I have
to take your heart away.”

Di’s been in the word business for over 30 years
– first as a contract technical writer, creating countless user manuals that made it simple for people to work with new computer systems
– then as a copywriter. So she really knows how to write for your target market.

Words and your

Words make your website sing.

They make your email nurture sequences trustworthy and appealing.

Words bring a video to life.

Words in an instruction manual say to people “You can do it. It’s simple. Just follow the steps.”

The right words and images can turn a ho hum PowerPoint presentation into a PowerFull presentation.

Good blog posts can generate constant client engagement.

A clever media release can tell the world how amazing you are.

Just 26

We all start with the same alphabet. But that doesn’t mean writing War and Peace when 50 or 100 words tell your clients what you’re about; what’s in your heart.

Words are the arrows to Di’s bow. The right ones hit bullseyes with your target market – over and over.

Melbourne copywriter, Di Clements. Words from your heart.