Terms and Conditions


Our relationship

The relationship between On Time Copy and the client will be that of ‘independent contractor’. This means that we are not the client’s employee, worker, agent or partner, and we will not give the impression that we are. Our time is limited to the project, including any consultation time warranted by the project.

Our Terms

Before each project, we provide a quote so that you know exactly how much the work will cost. Any changes to the original brief initiated by the client may require us to adjust the cost. The total price of your project will include:

  • A free quote
  • A maximum of 2 edits
  • Advice and consultation by email as necessary.


Any additional work requested that is not included in the original brief will be quoted separately and added to the original invoice. Note that rush jobs will incur an additional 30%.

Before We Commence Work

Before we undertake a project, we require a confirmation email that states:

  • You have read and agree to our terms and conditions
  • You are authorised to commission the project
  • You agree to our fees.
  • We also require 50% deposit to be paid.


The Copywriting Brief

We then send you our Copywriting Brief form and require that to be completed and returned before we can start work.


Payment Terms

We require a 50% instalment payment of the total fee before commencing work. Once we commence our services for you, this instalment is non-refundable. By services we mean any work commenced on your project, whether writing, planning, research, taking your calls or answering your emails.

Payment of the remaining 50% is required when we submit the first draft.

You will gain full copyright and intellectual property rights for any work delivered by us when you complete the final payment. Until final payment is received, On Time Copy retains the copyright and intellectual property for all work delivered.

Rush jobs will incur an additional 30%.

For larger projects, we can arrange staggered payments, according to project milestones.

All tax invoices are sent electronically and are payable within 7 days of receipt.

On Time Copy reserves the right to charge you interest on overdue accounts at a rate of 10% for the first 21 days overdue and 20% thereafter.