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I had the pleasure of

I had the pleasure of working with an incredibly talented copywriter who transformed my websites and flyers with her passion, professionalism, and creativity. From the moment I reached out to Di, she was dedicated to understanding my brand and vision, and she executed the copywriting with precision and finesse.

Di’s attention to detail, ability to capture the essence of my business, and creative flair truly set her apart. The copy she produced not only resonated with my target audience but also elevated the overall messaging of my brand.

I highly recommend Di’s services to anyone looking for a skilled and dedicated copywriter who can bring a fresh perspective and innovative ideas to their projects. Thank you for your outstanding work and for making my brand shine!

Denise Nicolau
Real Food Meals

The Testimonial I didn’t want to write.

I am delighted to share my heartfelt testimonial for Di Clements, a remarkable professional whose impact on my business cannot be overstated. Writing this comes from a place of genuine appreciation and not any solicitation – Di didn’t prompt me or ask for it. It is my privilege to express my gratitude and ensure that other business owners know about her outstanding work.

Di possesses an unparalleled ability to transform my ideas, often no more than mere dot points and haphazard grammar, into copy that reflects expertise beyond my actual capabilities. Yet, her contributions extend far beyond editing; her guidance is that of a seasoned, thriving business owner herself. Conversing with her is a testament to her mastery of language, a skill evident even in casual conversations. She is far from robotic or driven solely by time, prioritising the essence of your message and collaborating to enhance its impact.

Initially, I hesitated to share this testimonial, harbouring a rather selfish desire to keep her talents close. However, her assurance of my status as her No. 1 client (my interpretation of her words 😉) eases my mind.

Should you find yourself needing a copywriter who approaches your message with care and a genuine passion for the craft of words, I wholeheartedly endorse Di. The caveat? Well, only if I don’t have pressing matters on her to-do list.

P.S. I’ve penned this testimonial independently, without Di’s assistance – kindly pardon any grammatical hiccups, as I’ve ventured solo!

Lisa Goodhand
China Blueprint Consultants

Di, your best choice.

After studying some samples of Di’s work, I was immediately drawn by the emotions she evoked and how easy it was to keep reading what she wrote. As a psychologist, it was the kind of experience I wanted my clients to have when they visited my website which made it easy for me to decide to use Di’s services while comparing to other copywriters. It was the best choice I made!

Di was very interested to learn from me the clientele I wanted to attract and how to differentiate me from my competitors by understanding what my strengths were. She was focused on the job she committed to and would work on it intently, asking for my feedback along the way.

I was most impressed by how she picked up things about the structure of my website using her expertise and telling me how she could revise it to make it better, essentially nominating herself to do extra work for that perfect effect, like a true artist, committed to her own very high standards! I really feel this is a rarity and I have recommended Di’s services to family and friends who are also very happy with the result.

Cecilia Lau
Mind Change Consulting

Thank you Di.

Thank you Di. You are so talented. You listened and embraced our concept wholeheartedly from the get go. In a week, you had transformed our ramblings into words that brought our vision alive in a way that surpassed our expectations. Encouraging and supportive all the way, you offered advice and counsel which was gratefully received. We would wholeheartedly recommend ontimecopy to anyone looking for an efficient copywriting service of an exceptional standard.

Katie and Barb of Holly and Berry

Katie Stark
Holly and Berry

Di turned my vision into life

I’ve had a really great experience using On Time Copy to create the perfect words to match my new business DukeMed. Di was able to accurately interpret my brief and take inspiration from what I provided to turn the vision into life. She saved me a lot of time over” DIY copy” and with that my business now has a uniquely written copy deck that is still personal to my brand. When you work with Di, she listens, is prepared to make amendments/alternatives etc but in general, there’s not much to edit or revise which is ideal when you are busy.

Thanks so much for your efforts with my project and have since used Di for some additional marketing projects.

Richard Duke

Service above and beyond

Di provides an exceptional service, bringing years of experience and knowledge from different industries along with a great understanding of what it takes to produce engaging content.

Di takes the time with clients to discuss ideas or conduct research to ensure the content meets their needs and exceeds them.

Nick De Boer
8mm Investigations

Excellent writer, highly recommended

I’ve worked with Di over the last couple of months on a large website project – that involved both research and copywriting. I found Di to be an exceptionally hard worker, an excellent writer, and a pleasure to deal with.

Would highly recommend anyone looking for reliable, high-quality copywriting to use Di.

Bare Cremation

I work with Di regularly

I work with Di regularly and I’m extremely glad I found her! She’s extremely professional, and she keeps her promises by delivering perfect copy… on time! On top of that, she’s very enjoyable to work with, I couldn’t recommend her more!

laura redige

I would highly recommend Di

Di has been amazing at writing content for our clients. She produces quality work and we have also used her to write press releases. I would highly recommend Di for anyone needing a copywriter.

Thank you for being amazing at what you do.

Xenex Media
Intuitive & Impressive

I am writing to extend my heartfelt thanks and appreciation for the copy for In2Change website for people with disabilities in the National Disability Insurance Scheme. Having worked in the sector for many years it was very refreshing and a true delight to work with you in developing copy which reflects the positivity, capability and citizenship of people with disability in our society. Your ability to understand and incorporate this brief in one draft is very impressive indeed.

Well done and thank you.

Darren Osborn
In 2 Change Consultancy | www.in2change.com.au

What a fabulous resource!

Thanks Di

I’m a great web designer, but words fail me when it comes to my own work. You have really helped me out yet again!

There’s a good reason I keep coming back to you, what a fabulous resource.

Tanya Byham | www.webhoney.com.au

An exceptional communicator

It was a pleasure to work with Di. She was quick to grasp our requirements and produced great copy, in the promised time frame.

She is an exceptional communicator and streamlined the whole experience.

Livelle Barrow
Peak Property Group | www.peakpropertygroup.com.au

Thanks Di from Corporate Comedians
I would like to take this opportunity to thank Diane for the article she wrote for our company. The article correctly articulated not only what our business did, but why we were better than our competitors. The article was exactly what we were chasing and it was delivered on time. I would highly recommend Di for any copy writing needs you might have.

Rob Brown

Corporate Comedians | www.corporatecomedians.com.au